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Out-of-home ads “are trusted more than online or press”

OOH - Take another look

Out-of-home media are among the most trusted by consumers, according to new worldwide research, which also suggests that they welcome interaction and creativity.

A survey for FEPE International, an association……

Gone Mobile: The Out-of-Home Connection

To personify how mobile is changing the consumer experience, Greg Stuart, CEO of the Mobile Marketing Association, said grab a pen and, “If you’re right-handed, write with your left hand. If you’re left-handed, write with your right hand.” Go ahead, try it; this is what change feels like before it’s familiar.

That’s how Stuart got his……

The big tie-in: Social media and out of home

Campaigns can often find a second life online

It is possible to run an out of home campaign without a social media element, but it’s become rare. Over the past five years, social media has gone from an unusual addition to a necessary one. Social networks can turn a local campaign into……

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