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OOH Increases Internet Exposure

Internet advertising began in the mid-nineties and since then has been the fastest growing media segment. According to Magna Insights, nearly 100 million US households have Internet access today and over 90 percent of those households use broadband. The average user spends over 25 hours online per week. As a result, the Internet represents one-third……

2014 Holiday Shopping Insights

Shoppers plan to shop at multiple stores as well as websites.

The 2014 holiday shopper will “travel” to stretch every dollar. 53 percent plan to visit two to three stores/sites and 23……

Out-of-home ads “are trusted more than online or press”

OOH - Take another look

Out-of-home media are among the most trusted by consumers, according to new worldwide research, which also suggests that they welcome interaction and creativity.

A survey for FEPE International, an association……

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