Out Of Home: Well Positioned in a Rapidly Changing Media World

The time we spend with media is growing.

But some medias are benefiting more than others.

A new study from ZenithOptimedia  finds global media consumption across 65 countries will increase by 1.4 percent this year, to 492 minutes per day per person.

Meanwhile, time spent with traditional media declined, from 402.2 minutes per day to 375.8 minutes.

Only two forms of traditional media were projected to grow in consumer time spent from 2013-2018. OOH was the clear leader at 5 percent projected growth, while cable TV was forecast to increase at only 0.9 percent. The Borrell study emphasized the fact that ad value is commensurate with audience value, so it examined dollars spent by advertisers in relation to minutes of daily usage by adults.

The time people are exposed to OOH grew 1.2 percent from 2010 to 2014, to 107.2 minutes per day.

“This is the result of several factors: more displays being built in public spaces, migration to cities in emerging markets, and consumers’ greater willingness to spend their leisure time out of the home as their disposable income recovered after the financial crisis,” says the report.

Digital media, and mobile in particular, is getting the lion’s share of focus from media analysts because their consumer time spent share has grown rapidly and outpaced their respective advertising share. Thus, there is universal expectation that digital, with mobile leading the way, will see the greatest growth in coming years. Yet, many of the activities consumer engage with on mobile devices are content, or applications, with minimal or no form of advertising at all.
The media landscape for OOH is full of promise. Consumer time spent with OOH is growing, but even more valuable is the fact is that OOH engages consumers near or at the point of purchase better than any other medium.

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