Meltdown Ice Festival

Newest Division ‘Amplifi Mobile’ engages festival attendees 
The Meltdown Winter Ice Festival occurs annually in Richmond, Indiana on the last weekend in January. The festival is focused on a thrilling tour of custom ice sculptures, impressive ice fights, and lively winter activities. The festival offers activities spread throughout various shopping districts, of which posed an issue for tourist unfamiliar with the area.

Amplifi Mobile launched a mobile app integrated with beacon technology to engage visitors and increase value to sponsors. It also served as a digital reference guide for attendees that was easy to access while enjoying the festivities.

The goal was to raise awareness of the vast options of activities during the weekend long event, increase engagement with visitors, and increase value to sponsorships. The mobile app integrated Google Maps so that users could find activities in close proximity to their current location. Beacons and geofences were deployed throughout the activity area that would send push notifications to visitors when they were in close proximity of events, or special offers when near retail or dining establishments.

  • 34 percent of shoppers had opened and engaged with beacon-triggered content
         * Typical mobile campaign conversion rate 1% or less. Source: Monatate, Q1 2014
  • Traffic to various activities increased from prior years
  • Local retailers and dining establishments increased sales

Overall, the technology maximized attendees’ fun and enjoyment of the festival, while increasing revenue for nearby retailers and value for sponsors.

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