OOH Increases Internet Exposure

Internet advertising began in the mid-nineties and since then has been the fastest growing media segment. According to Magna Insights, nearly 100 million US households have Internet access today and over 90 percent of those households use broadband. The average user spends over 25 hours online per week. As a result, the Internet represents one-third of daily media use, according to The Media Audit. While new Internet ad options continue to evolve, the value of traditional banner ads is debatable as click through rates stay low.

Individuals are using social networking platforms where users generally hold negative views of advertising and consider ads a distraction. It is difficult to quantify the value of Internet advertising based on traditional media measures, and viable integration of advertising within social networking enterprises has proven tough to achieve.

Internet Benefits

  •  Direct response and transactional opportunity are available to consumers in real-time
  • One-to-one marketing any time and any place

Internet and OOH

  • Internet and OOH advertising reach similar audiences. Both market to a younger, educated, affluent, and mobile audience.
  • OOH extends the reach and frequency of an Internet campaign when users are offline.
  • The brevity of OOH’s copy is ideal for driving traffic to a website.


ad retention

Out of Home Advertising improves ad retention for your media mix. Adding OOH to TV Campaigns increased retention by 4 days. Adding OOH to internet ads increased retention by two days.

Major CPM comparison

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