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Out of home displays boost National Geographic’s Photo Ark campaign


By Nancy Fletcher, President and CEO, Outdoor Advertising Association

Whether driving down the interstate, waiting at a train station, or visiting city centers like Times Square, consumers across the country were inspired by out of home (OOH) media featuring images……

Local Billboard Company shares land with community garden initiative

In 2012, a group of locals were inspired to begin a community gardening project. Now, after 3 years, the Sprout of Control Community Gardening Project has grown into over 15 separate locations across Wayne County.  Porter Advertising has allowed the organization to permanently use one of their parcels to create one of the community gardens. Located……

OOH Increases Internet Exposure

Internet advertising began in the mid-nineties and since then has been the fastest growing media segment. According to Magna Insights, nearly 100 million US households have Internet access today and over 90 percent of those households use broadband. The average user spends over 25 hours online per week. As a result, the Internet represents one-third……

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