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Meltdown Ice Festival

Newest Division ‘Amplifi Mobile’ engages festival attendees 
The Meltdown Winter Ice Festival occurs annually in Richmond, Indiana on the last weekend in January. The festival is focused on a thrilling tour of custom ice sculptures, impressive ice fights, and lively winter activities. The festival offers activities spread throughout various shopping districts, of which posed……

Local Billboard Company shares land with community garden initiative

In 2012, a group of locals were inspired to begin a community gardening project. Now, after 3 years, the Sprout of Control Community Gardening Project has grown into over 15 separate locations across Wayne County.  Porter Advertising has allowed the organization to permanently use one of their parcels to create one of the community gardens. Located……

Campaigns can often find a second life online

It is possible to run an out of home campaign without a social media element, but it’s become rare. Over the past five years, social media has gone from an unusual addition to a necessary one. Social networks can turn a local campaign into a national one. When people share photos of a……

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