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Out-of-home ads “are trusted more than online or press”

OOH - Take another look

Out-of-home media are among the most trusted by consumers, according to new worldwide research, which also suggests that they welcome interaction and creativity.

A survey for FEPE International, an association……

Marketing Showcase Follow-up: Social Media for Business

Marketing Showcase at The Innovation Center – Richmond, IN

A huge thanks goes out to the Center City Development Corporation and West End Bank for sponsoring  the Marketing Showcase at The Innovation Center in Richmond, Indiana. We appreciate the opportunity to present our business, as well as participate in the expert panel discussion.

Media outlets from the……

Gone Mobile: The Out-of-Home Connection

To personify how mobile is changing the consumer experience, Greg Stuart, CEO of the Mobile Marketing Association, said grab a pen and, “If you’re right-handed, write with your left hand. If you’re left-handed, write with your right hand.” Go ahead, try it; this is what change feels like before it’s familiar.

That’s how Stuart got his……

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